"Imagine a home that strikes a perfect balance between your family’s lifestyle needs, and the needs of our environment"

A Zero Carbon Home fully integrates with the family who live in it and even physically adapts to suit their changing lifestyle needs. 

Using natural, locally sourced materials and innovative design, a Zero Carbon Home sits comfortably in any environment.


What is a Zero Carbon Home?

A home that strikes a perfect balance between lifestyle needs and the needs of our environment by minimising and offsetting:

Embodied (building) Energy
used to extract raw materials, manufacture, transport, build and maintain and

Operational (living) Energy
used to heat, cool, cook, light and entertain in day to day life.

Tomorrow's Sustainable House is Available Today 

Award Winning Sustainable Home Builder, Energy Aspect Living, shakes industry thinking around affordable eco friendly homes of the future. 

The recent Zero Carbon Challenge, established by the South Australian Government, saw Energy Aspect Living awarded the best overall performing design, lowest embodied energy and with the smallest solar power offset to meet a families lifestyle.   Discover more, click here...

Get a Free Compass 

A Zero Carbon Home is all about working with the environment, not against it. To help you do this too, Energy Aspect Living has developed a compass (the ‘directional’ kind), so you can discover for yourself, the benefits of building in balance with nature. What’s more, it’s FREE (we’ll even pay the postage). When planning your new home or renovation, discover the hidden aspects by using the Energy Aspect Living Compass.

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